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Doctor Strange 2016 full torrent

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Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) life changes after a car accident robs him to use his hands. When traditional medicine there, he studied healing and hope in a secret corner. Then I learned that the entry on the front lines of the battle against the dark forces that are invisible reality bending destruction. Recently Strange is forced to choose between his life of wealth and status, or to reject Bobo worldwide as the most powerful wizards to defenderexistir.

A neurosurgeonbegins before being taken on a journey of healing only in the mystical world of the arts. Wonderland “Doctor Strange” follows the story of a gifted neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange, where after the tragic car accident ego aside and learn the secrets of the hidden world of mysticism and alternative dimensions required. Headquartered in New York’s Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange wedifel intermediate between the real world and in fact, are protected by a variety of artifacts and habilidadescinemáticafor Marvel universe metaphysical schützenDas.

After that his career is destroyed, replaced by a brilliant but arrogant surgeon new life when the wizard takes you under his wing and lead to defend the world from evil.

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  • Doctor Strange 2016 Full Torrent
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